Tulsa Public Schools approached DBC to completely refresh their School Guide for Middle/Junior and High Schools. This district-wide publication highlights the programs and unique offerings of each school. There were two primary goals for the design and presentation of this unique piece.
First and foremost was establishing a consistent page layout that would accommodate the variety of content to be presented. Each school is highlighted in its own spread. The number of programs, highlights, activities varied greatly from school to school. A page layout that maintained consistency while being flexible was critical to the success of the publication. Visually blocking off areas for specific content was key to managing the variation while communicating common information on each individual school spread. 
Our second goal was to begin to establish a new direction for print materials. Working from the existing brand guidelines, this visual direction would be the foundation for internal and external marketing and branding efforts going forward. Allowing the internal TPS marketing and design groups to begin to provide a much needed level of consistency between materials designed and distributed throughout the district for over 23 schools.

Front and Back cover execution. The design element aligned and wrapped to the back. These shapes and configurations were used throughout the design in various ways to provide unique building-block-style elements that could be carried through to other internal and external designs.
Small sampling of various inside spreads showing the use of blocks of color and the rounded corner boxes that continue the motif started on the cover.
Sampling of Middle/Junior High School Spreads. Each school provided similar information to populate into the common areas. However, no two schools are alike, the sections needed to be flexible enough to accommodate the copy and photography provided by each school.
Sampling of High School Spreads. The same basic layout areas established for the Middle/Junior School pages remains, however we were often presented with a bit more content to pack into the space.

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